21 - 22 February 2015 · Berlin

new Education for a new Economy
A big THANK YOU to the more than 500 participants

Conference topic

New ways of education for new ways of doing economy. What and for what are we learning, today and in the future?

The Big Idea

The #dclass conference brings together the most inspiring people of the new economy with the greatest innovators in education. The conference kicks off at one of the most exciting locations in Berlin: Heimathafen Neukölln. The audience will be a mix of generation Y characters, start-ups, business angels and people working in schools and universities. We believe that we can learn something from everyone. Our speakers range from 12 to 92 years of age. We want to find out how we need to reconsider the way we teach and learn in order to be prepared for a world, in which which no-one seems to be able to tame capitalism.

The »D« stands for democratic. We want you to become involved, maybe give a talk, and influence the conference. It is the first commons-oriented conference, which means that you can pay your ticket in two currencnies: Euro OR Karma. We call this Karma Philosophy. Learn more about it here.
We're excited to meet you soon!

Big (free) hug,
Van Bo Le-Mentzel & Team
(initiator and #dScholarship fellow)

0151 156 75 026


~ as of 05.03.2015 ~


We have learned quite a bit over the past few weeks and a lot of you were so kind as to not ask for reimbursement for travel and other expenses. We now know that we can organize this conference in its core form with about half of the Sponsor tickets sold. You are welcome to get more details on this via e-mail.

We will spend about 12.000,00 € to host the #dclass conference.
The costs add up as follows:

  • 400 € Accommodations
  • 1.500 € Transport
  • 1.400 € Catering
  • 3.800 € Video Documentation & Equipment
  • 1.400 € Rent
  • 3.500 € Advertising

We document transparently and publicly all our expected expeses and revenues on the web (as far as data protection allows). Of course we also answer any questions you may want to pose.


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mit ~ 2 Tickets überfinanziert

A great thank you! to all those who have decided to support us by buying a sponsor ticket and to help make the #dclass possible.

  • Jürgen Frehse (onlineuniversity24.net) [1]
  • Stiftung Rechnen [2]
  • See-Conference [2]
  • Alexandra Lux (alexandra-lux.de)

  • FTWK (ftwk.de) [3]
  • FUTURZWEI. Stiftung Zukunftsfähigkeit [2]
  • CDU-Bürgerschaftsfraktion Bremen [1]
  • Fachhochschule Potsdam, Institut für angewandte Forschung Urbane Zukunft [1]
  • Stephan Noller [1]
  • Lucas Fester (phonector.com) [1]
  • Fischer Academy (fischer-academy.de) [2]
  • Anonym [1]
  • BildungsCent e.V. [1]

Day 1 · Key Notes

· 21. Feb 2015 ·

Heimathafen Neukölln

These special speakers will inspire us with a »Speakout«.
Learn more about the Speakout-Idea here.

Hosted by Andrea Thilo (Rhythm is it!)

Gerald Hüther, 64

Brain scientist · (Akademie für Potentialentfaltung)

»Why we only have a future if we stick together.«
This is why we love him:

from Göttingen

Foto: Josef Fischnaller

Sidney Sysomnhot, 12

Ordinary Child · (Grundschule Wedding)

»Why children should play Minecraft more than studying math.«

from Berlin

Erik Koszuta, 18

Writer & Highschool-boycotter · (»Herausforderungen unserer Zeit«)

»Why I learn more without Abitur (German highschool grade).« This is why we love him:

from Berlin

Foto: Kerstin Heinze

Maurice De Hond, 67 & Daphne, 5

Market Researcher · (Steve JobsSchool)

»How the iPad can revolutionize the way children get educated.« This is why we love him:

from Amsterdam, NL

Stefano Mirti, 46 & Anne-Sophie Gauvin, 29

MOOC professors · (Design Basics 101, iversity.org)

»How MOOCs can democratize education.«
This is why we love them:

from Mailand, IT

Foto: Pierluigi Anselmi

Ben Paul, 23

Education Hacker · (anti-uni.com)

»How everyone can learn anything without attending university classes.«
This is why we love him:

from Berlin

Foto: Carmen Jasmyn Hoffmann.

Milena Glimbovski, 24

Start-up founder · (Original Unverpackt)

»How I learned to be an autodidact.«
This is why we love her:

from Berlin

Foto: Jendrik Schröder

Uwe Lübbermann, 37

Inventor of democratic leadership · (Premium Cola)

»Why trust is the capital of the future.«
This is why we love him:

from Hamburg

Anna Kaiser, 30

start-up founder and CEO · (tandemploy.com)

»Imagine a world, where people work less but achieve more.« This is why we love her:

from Berlin

Corinna Sy, 30

Refugee Start-up founder · (cucula.org)

»How Lampedusa has changed my view on borders and rules.« This is why we love her:

from Berlin

Foto: Verena Brüning

Gertrud Rosemann, 92

Volunteer curator · (Hessisches Puppenmuseum)

»Moments of hope.«
This is why we love her:

from Hanau

The barcamp takes place at 8 different locations which are all in area of the Startnext Lab (Berlin, Ritterstraße 12): the Startnext Lab itself, the Dark Horse, the Klebeland and some others. The speak-outs are held either in German or in English. If the speakers allow, the speak-outs are recorded and will be published online after the conference. At the end of the barcamp we would ask you to kindly help tidying up together. Thank you!

Panels & Hosts

  • Lernen 3.0

    Das Panel rund ums Lernen, egal ob in der Schule für die Uni oder auf anderen Wegen.

    panel no. 1 · k ( Klebeland no. 1)
    Host-Portrait: Annette Söhnlein

    Annette Söhnlein

    Host-Portrait: Raphaela Ring

    Raphaela Ring, 26

    »Mich interessiert dieses Panel, da lernen uns von Anfang an begleitet und prägt und die Art mit welchen Zielen und Anforderungen an uns gelehrt wird und wie wir lernen entscheidenden Einfluss auf unser Leben hat und haben wird, denn Lernen hört nie auf.«

  • Schule 3.0 · Generation z

    Das Panel rund um die Wünsche und Vorstellungen der Generation z an ihr Bildungssystem.

    panel no. 2 · a ( Akademie für Illustration)
    Host-Portrait: Melly Ulrich

    Melly Ulrich

    »Ich ermutige, unterstütze und verbinde die Changemaker der Generation Z weltweit und freue mich darauf, mich mit Gleichgesinnten zu vernetzen.«

    Host-Portrait: Noemi Lichtwer

    Noemi Lichtwer

    »Schule 3.0 ist spannend für mich, weil ich selbst Schülerin bin und mich die veränderungen im Bereich Schule sehr interessieren.«

  • Bildung 3.0

    Das Panel rund um Uni, Weiterbildung, & Bildungsrevolution – Was ist Bildung heute?

    panel no. 3 · d2 ( Dark Horse no. 2)
    Host-Portrait: Kristina Bauer

    Kristina Bauer

    Host-Portrait: Ben Schmidt

    Ben Schmidt, 47

    »Warum mir der Panel mit dem Thema Bildung 3.0 so wichtig ist fasst ein Zitat von Nelson Mandela für mich zusammen: “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”«

  • Arbeit 3.0

    Das Panel rund um Beruf & Berufung Arbeit & Entrepreneurship.

    panel no. 4 · ey ( Etsy)
    Host-Portrait: Shai Hoffmann

    Shai Hoffmann, 32

    »Als BWLer und digitaler Nomade interessiere ich mich für die Arbeitsformen, die in Zukunft unser Leben stark beeinflussen werden.«

    Host-Portrait: Stephanie Bothor

    Stephanie Bothor, 46

    »Ich habe dieses Panel gewählt, weil ich am wenigsten darüber weiß und ganz viel darüber erfahren möchte.«

  • Unterhaltung 3.0

    Das Panel rund um Kunst, Philosophy & Unterhaltung in Bezug auf Bildung & Wirtschaft.

    panel no. 5 · d1 ( Dark Horse no. 1)
    Host-Portrait: Esther


    Host-Portrait: Luise Kröning

    Luise Kröning

    »Weil die Unterhaltung von morgen nachhaltiger werden muss. Sei die Veränderung, die du in der Welt sehen willst!«

  • Welt 3.0

    Das Panel rund um die Frage, welche Möglichkeiten es zu einer gerechtere Welt in Bezug auf Bildung und Witschaft gibt.

    panel no. 6 · l ( Lasernlasern)
    Host-Portrait: Ana Lichtwer

    Ana Lichtwer, 48

    »Die besten Rezepte fürs Glück und zur Freiheit findest du auf dem Weg vom ich zum wir.«

    Host-Portrait: Thuy Huong Nguyen

    Thuy Huong Nguyen

    »Die Welt ist unser aller Zuhause. Wie wir zusammen leben, entscheiden wir. Wenn wir uns nicht selbst als ein Teil des Ganzen sehen, entrauben wir uns des Rechtes, zu bestimmen, wie unsere Zukunft aussehen sollte. Komm und gestalte deine Welt - mit uns.«

  • Leben 3.0

    Das Panel rund um all das, was wir vom Leben selbst lernen können.

    panel no. 7 · ee ( Die Etage)
    Host-Portrait: Daniel Seyde

    Daniel Seyde

    »Wir lernen ja bekanntlich für das Leben, im Leben 3.0 Panel wollen wir diesem Leben einen Raum geben. Es wird um Essen, Menschen, Glück aber auch Baumhäuser und Utopien gehen und hoffentlich wird auch lebhaft diskutiert.«

    Host-Portrait: Constantin Cooper

    Constantin Cooper, 27

    »Der erste Schritt Menschen etwas beizubringen, ist durch vorleben.«

  • freestyle

    Du hast auch was zu sagen? – dann ma' los!“ für kurzfristig entschlossene

    panel no. 8 · s ( Startnext Lab)
    Host-Portrait: Van Bo Le-Mentzel

    Van Bo Le-Mentzel, 37

    Host-Portrait: Can Deniz Binici

    Can Deniz Binici, 22

    »Ich mag spontane speakouts und freue mich auf viele verschiedene Gesichter und Geschichten hinter den Gesichtern...«


We're the #dclass-Team

  • Team Member

    Van Bo Le-Mentzel

    [Initiator #dclass, 37]

    You can hang out with me if you love #crowdfunding #karmaeconomy #BGE #hartzIVmoebel

    Team Member

    Shai Hoffmann

    [Crowdmanager, 32]

    Socialpreneur who is into crowdfunding, blogging and loving life!

    Foto: Emrullah Gümüssoy
    Team Member

    Amira Jehia

    [Speaker's Support, 29]

    Projectmanager and passionate about #socialentrepreneurship #BGE #middleeast #politics

  • Team Member

    Katharina Funke

    [Food, 32]

    If you have ideas or suggestions for catering, please get in touch with me.

    Team Member

    Moritz Jüdes

    [Technical Manager, 32]

    If you have any question of a technical nature regarding the #dclass - feel free to get in touch with me. What does not fit, is made to fit. #socialentrepreneur #wearetheoneswehavebeenwaitingfor;-) #revolutionsbuero

    Team Member

    Jakob Listabarth

    [Graphic Design, 21]

    Just write me if you would like to give me feedback on this website or on the graphic design for the #dclass

  • Team Member

    Oliver Pritzkow

    [Organisation, PR, Documentation]

    Born in Berlin and working in the media business, education and consulting. Ask him about his areas of expertise.

    Team Member

    Moritz Dirks

    [documentation/film, 32]

    Responsible for the cinematic Documentation of the #dclass conference. If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact him.

    Team Member

    Stephanie Bothor

    [Organisation day #2 / speakouts , 46]

    If you want to give a talk/speakout at #dclass barcamp feel free to contact me

  • Team Member

    Maike Majewski

    [translator, editor EN/DE]

    Helps at the #dclass with translations, editing and subtitles. #TransitionTownPankow #*Leila #MakeItPedia

    Team Member

    Can Deniz Binici

    [maid-of-all-work , 22]

    »Be the change you wish to see in the world.«

    Team Member

    Marcus Hüppe

    [Organization, Sales- & Marketingmanager, 42]

    Trainer, coach, consultant, speaker and passionate expert on the unconscious.
    #unconscious #subconscious #sustainability #socialentrepreneurship #karmaeconomy #karmaphilosophy

    Foto: © Oliver Soller
  • Team Member

    Anna Theil

    [COO Startnext, 30]

    Write her if you have any questions concerning crowdfunding or startnext.

    Team Member

    Julia Von Schacky

    [Heimathafen Neukölln, 36]


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