21 - 22 February 2015 · Berlin

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Welcome to the video page of the #dclass 2015! Over the next weeks we will publish all videos of the conference here. Have fun watching them!

»Why I learn more without Abitur.«

Erik Koszuta

»Why we only have a future if we stick together.«

Gerald Hüther

»How the iPad can revolutionize the way children get educated.«

Maurice de Hond

»How everyone can learn anything without attending university classes.«

Ben Paul

»How MOOCs can democratize education.«

Stefano Mirti + Anne-Sophie

»How I learned to be an autodidact.«

Milena Glimbowski

»Imagine a world, where people work less but achieve more.«

Anna Kaiser

»Why children should play Minecraft more than studying math.«

Sidney Sysomnhot

»Why trust is the capital of the future.«

Uwe Lübbermann

»How Lampedusa has changed my view on borders and rules.«

Corrina Sy

»Moments of Hope.«

Getrud Rosemann

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Director Moriz Dirks
Camera Stefan Walkowiak
Otto Stockmeier
Julie Steinberg
Jim Cramer
Editing Olena Zavorotna
Andre Schäfer
Alessandro Rover
Opener Animation Tillman Staffen
Music> Alice Bacher
Jingle Sebastian Völkers
Ferdinand Kumpfmüller